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Global strategy consulting for philanthropies and research organisations.

Data Technology

With over twelve years of experience in research and philanthropy, I bring comprehensive expertise in all aspects of research funder planning, implementation, and evaluation.

Holding a DPhil in Neuroscience from the University of Oxford and an MBA from the University of Cambridge, I blend best practices in research and management to assist philanthropies and research organizations in tackling new challenges.

Strategic Planning and Renewal

Bespoke Strategy

Strategic Review

Change Management

Leveraging hands-on experience in the research sector, I apply a range of strategic frameworks to develop clear, actionable implementation plans.

Conducting interviews and surveys with a diverse range of stakeholders and experts to offer a comprehensive view of the organizational strategy, highlighting both opportunities and constraints.

Translating strategic goals into effective policies, procedures, and training materials while engaging stakeholders throughout the organization to ensure a seamless transition.

Organizational Management

Policy Development

Process Design

People and Culture

Designing frameworks that align with your organization's goals and regulatory requirements, incorporating implementation and training considerations to ensure efficient compliance.

Process mapping, updating, and implementation to streamline operations for maximum efficiency and effectiveness, ensuring a seamless workflow.

Creating environments that foster collaboration, innovation, and employee engagement. Enhancing internal communications and feedback mechanisms to promote a healthy organizational culture.

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